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Health & Safety Representative Training

 Ensure your colleagues workplace wellbeing.

What is Health & Safety Representative training?
The purpose of HSR training is to ensure safe working environments and conditions with equitable and efficient representation of all employees. Employees can request, or organisations can facilitate, the identification of work groups and the election of representatives. HSRs can work in any position within the identified work group, and complete the training in order to understand and effectively represent their workgroup and maintain safe work environments.

Why is HSR training required?
The Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and other Legislation Amendment Act 2017 encourages all businesses to appoint WHS Officers and identify work groups to elect Health and Safety Representatives thus demonstrating their commitment to safety.
The Act requires:
  • A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) needs to provide the regulator with a list of Health and Safety Representatives and deputy Health and Safety Representatives for each work group
  • Mandated training for Health and Safety Representatives within three months of being elected to the role, with refresher training to be undertaken at three-yearly intervals
  • This training ensures the continued collaborative consultation and monitoring of safe work practices and environments

What topics will be covered?
The training covers the following concepts:

  • Interpreting the WHS legislative framework and identifying key parties and their legislative obligations and duties
  • Establishing representation in the workplace under the WHS Act
  • Effective consultation: participation in issue resolution and monitoring risk controls as a HSR
  • Monitoring PCBUs' management of WHS: workplace inspections, recording findings and 'notifiable incidents
  • Issuing a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) and directing the cessation of unsafe work

Training delivered online
The training, both the 5 days full training and 1 day refresher, are conducted using Zoom. The training days run from 8am-5pm to accommodate breaks and technical support.

Dates available:

Full HSR Training (5 days)
Cost: $900 per person
Block 7: Fridays on 23 July, 30 July, 6 August, 13 August & 20 August 2021
Block 8: Fridays on 15 October, 22 October, 29 October, 5 November & 12 November 2021

Refresher HSR Training (1 day)
Cost: $310 per person
Date 7: Thursday 22 July 2021
Date 8: Thursday 14 October 2021

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