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TAFE Queensland – Construction Skills Queensland  
Small Business Program

As a recipient of funding, TAFE Queensland is proud to support Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and its ongoing financial and professional contribution to the Queensland building and construction industry. The CSQ Small Business Program provides funding for a range of competencies and skill sets for existing and unemployed workers in the civil construction and building and construction industries who want to update or expand their skills and knowledge in specific areas.

CSQ funding is paid directly to TAFE Queensland. Where CSQ funding doesn’t cover the full cost of the fees, students will be required to contribute towards the remaining course fees. 

Non-accredited workshops are a great way to increase skills and knowledge. Upon successful completion of non-accredited workshops, a Statement of Attendance can be provided.

• Create and Manage Facebook Advertising for Small Business
This workshop is designed for small businesses to learn how to create and manage their own Facebook advertising. Throughout the workshop students will be guided through the importance of social media, the difference between boosting posts and using Ads, the Facebook funnel, components of a successful ad, laser targeting their audience, analysing results of an ad, and creating an ad. Students will leave this course with a LIVE Facebook ad for their business.
Selection criteria:
• Students must have an existing Facebook business page
• Students must have Ads Manager and Business Manager set up
• Students must be confident using their laptop/device as computer skills are a must for this workshop
• BYOD (bring your own laptop/device) to use for each lesson

 Digital Skills
Through an active evaluation of the current digital assets of the business we will lead the business leader to explore digital systems to optimise the business operations from lead generation to customer and contract follow up. We will work with the participants to design a plan to develop their team’s digital skills in order to achieve their business goals. Through case studies and live example’s we will illustrate business improvements to motivate them to optimise their business with the right digital systems for them.

 Financial and Budgeting Skills
Financial and Budgeting Skills is the ability of an individual to adopt a proactive approach towards managing their businesses cash flow. Budgeting skills involve conscious decision making about allocation of money such that expenditures do not exceed the income. Budgeting skills serve as a great tool for planning and control since it involves planning all expenditures for a business, and determining in that process whether or not the company has enough resources to do all things that require attention. In case resources are not enough, an individual with ideal budgeting skills shall be able to prioritise and focus the spending on things that are most important.
Budgeting is mainly appreciated and practiced in organisations for its ability to balance expenses and income in a manner that ensures the business has money/resources for everything that need to be done.
• Profit and loss statement
• Balance sheet
• Cash flow statement
• Revenue budget
• Expenses budget
• Capital Budget
• Cash flow budget
• Budgeted profit and loss statement
• Budgeted balance sheet

• Introduction to Accounting
This workshop is classroom based and is recommended for students with no experience with accounting terminology and principles. Students will not be using MYOB software or computers in this workshop, students will be working through a resource on Introduction to Accounting. The purpose of this workshop is to use a common range of calculation methods and techniques for conducting routine financial calculations and transactions. Students will also be instructed in manual data entry in Ledgers and Trial Balance.
Topics covered include:
Double Entry Accounting (Debits and Credits)
Understanding Debits and Credits, Chart of Accounts, Reports and Legal Compliance
The Balance Sheet
The Profit and Loss Statement
The Trial Balance
The Journals or Ledgers
Initial transactions and documentation

• Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
This short course will help you improve your negotiation and conflict resolution skills, both in the workplace and outside the organisation. This program will provide you with the skills to assess potential conflict situations and deal appropriately with the situation to achieve a resolution.
• Assess Potential conflict situations
• Implement conflict resolution strategies
• Evaluate response and outcomes
• Negotiation techniques
• Communication techniques
• Social and cultural differences.

• Small Business Marketing Bundle 
It is a known fact that no business can survive unless it has customers. The questions are, who are your potential customers, how do they know about your business and what gives you a competitive edge over your competition?
The first two sessions of this program are an introduction to the basic concepts of understanding the “marketing mix” and how that relates to you. Focusing on understanding who your target markets are, how they think and how this affects your approach. There is more to being successful than having a product and advertising it. During these sessions we will break down the 7 main components that all play a part in your success. We will spend time evaluating the strengths, weaknesses and influences on your business and how to work with these to help your business.  Once we have the understanding of these elements we will discuss the basics of traditional forms of promotions as well touch on your digital strategy. During the second part of this course we will focus on Online Promotions and Social Media. Have you heard of the following; SEO, SEM, PPC, Blog, Keyword, Google Ads, PageRank, Backlink, EDM, Boosted Post, SnapAds or even Hashtag? Do you really know what these mean? More importantly would you like to learn why and how these tools help to build a better online presence for your business? Each of the sessions in this program aim at demystifying and providing some basic practical experience in the complex world of online promotion. We will finish off discuss the basics of social media for business and how this can be used to support your overall marketing strategy. As this program is designed for both business owners and those in a position of building brand awareness it is also recommended as a professional development course.

• Starting and Managing a Small Business
This workshop covers all the must-know essentials that can make or break a small business. Delivery will include the business environment, success of a small business, business legal structures, valuing a business, financing a business, strategic and operational planning, budgeting, marketing and e-commerce as related to marketing, financial analysis, customers, staff, taxation, business law, risk assessment and getting out of business. It will also introduce customer loyalty, recruiting competent staff, motivating staff and an introduction to industrial relations and insurance. Every small business owner should undertake this short course.

Check here for eligibility requirements.

• Queensland Wide Online
• Gold Coast

There may be other small business topics on offer in your area in the future. To register your interest in a particular topic you’d like to see delivered by emailing [email protected]

Places are limited. Course commencement is subject to minimum enrolment numbers. Not all courses are available at all locations.

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