Advance Queensland – One Business 

This program is creating more pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) people to have increased participation in Queensland’s economy.

It is an opportunity for you, as an Indigenous business person, to work with experienced Indigenous trainers and other businesses, from your greater community, to consolidate your business skills and explore new opportunities for innovation and business change.

The One Business program is available to all Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders who are innovators, entrepreneurs and/or own a micro to small and medium sized business. 

  • The Innovator is usually a person with ideas and needs help to turn the idea into a commercial reality.
  • The Entrepreneur is usually a person who can take an idea and add value to it including commercially.
  • The existing small business owner may be an innovator and/or entrepreneur who just needs a guiding hand to maintain effective and sustainable business continuity.
The program will be delivered in three parts.  You don't need to participate in all of the program - you can decide which workshops are relevant to your needs.

  • Part 1 - Workshops and a health check of your business, allowing you to reflect on where you are at today.
  • Part 2 - Digital workshops, procurement training and one-on-one mentoring, allowing business consolidation and honing of your skills for better and more innovative performance.
  • Part 3 - Networking and pitching, or promoting your business at an event to grow capability and connections.
Proposed Program
Part 1: Business Review

Initial workshop program
Business Strategy and Planning : What has happened? Where is my business right now? Where do I want my business to go? How do I get there? How do I ensure authenticity of offering?

Connecting with customers and clients: What products and services is the business is offering? What is the value proposition? How am I engaging and retaining customers and clients?

This may cover a spectrum of topics: authenticity, innovative practices, visioning, business planning, marketing, social media, customer service, finance and legal issues.

Business Health Check
All businesses will undertake a business health check on registration. A business health check recognises, that in each business there is always room for improvement and a business health assessment is more than a simple 'check-up’.

The results of the ‘check-up’ will provide recommendations for an individualised plan and will highlight current strengths and weaknesses of the business. A more in depth health check will be conducted as part of the coaching and mentoring process. This helps identify your training and development needs.

Part 2: Business Consolidation
Digital Health Check
A digital health check is a tool that helps you to understand your business’s current digital health and provides practical advice to improve. The specialist practical digital training workshops may cover a spectrum of topics:
  • online presence
  • digital marketing
  • selling online
  • customer interaction
  • online security
  • supplier interaction
  • mobile-based solutions
  • efficiencies through technology
  • cloud computing
  • cyber security
  • artificial intelligence
Specialist Procurement training workshop program
Procurement readiness: Procurement - what is it? Is your business ready and can it deliver? How to write for the government (capability statements)? How to pitch your business to others?

Innovative practices
We will explore how innovation is often associated with the introduction of new products or services in your business. But it can also be about changing the way you do business. To be successful, innovation will need to be supported by you, your staff and all other business partners.

Innovation embraces:
  • new uses of technologies
  • improved industry methods
  • meeting changing customer demands or needs
  • better systems and processes
Implement mentoring support and advice
There is Alumni opportunities to stay connected. For eligible businesses there is also one on one coaching and mentoring, providing trainer support while you improve your business.

Part 3: Business Opportunities
Pitching event and local business expo
A regional Indigenous Business Expo will be run to provide an opportunity for all businesses to promote themselves to the wider community, including council, corporate, government agencies and industry bodies.

Ongoing promotion
Connecting Indigenous businesses into areas where they can market their business.

For more information, contact:
Rebecca Jordan 0478 323 216 or [email protected] 

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All participants will have the opportunity to complete an initial Business and Digital Health Check. This can be completed online, face to face or over the phone.

A large portion of the current program is planned to be delivered face to face, however, if COVID-19 continues to impact for the rest of 2020, TAFE Queensland and Advance Queensland has the right to adjust the delivery model.